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Individual / Group

We all need a little help when it comes to weight loss or training advise but it should not cost you an arm and leg. Our 'no membership' training structure means you don't have to be a member of the centre to train with one of our trainers. Whether it be single person one-on-one, training with a friend or partner or a small group or team, you get great training at an affordable price. Discounts also apply if training packages are purchased in advance.

Although our prices are low, all of our trainers are qualified and insured with various specialities to assist you. Discuss your goals with one of staff today and find who best suits your needs.

John Chaniotis

John 'the Cyclone' Chaniotis is a 2* Australian Kickboxing Champion.

His passion now lies in training clients of all ages in this discipline, whether it be for fitness or to get in the ring. With 25 years industry experience (including owning the successful J & A fitness academy) he is geared for all things boxing / kickboxing and resistance training orientated exercise.

Jarryd Mattschoss

Working under the title of Compound Health & Fitness Jarryd is a live promotion for his business. With washboard abs and a cheeky smile it is no wonder Jarryd mixes his personal training up with modelling and male talent searches. He definitely practices what he preaches. Personally and professionally his forte lies with his weight training focus and clean eating. With 6 years industry experience you’ll find Jarryd delivering variety to training making use of broad range of his skills set from TRX to fitball to running outdoor group sessions.

Jason Januszke

Jason has 17 years industry experience. He derived his competitive edge playing aba basketball and as a state junior champion in athletics. He now uses this to specialise in cross training, running and sports specific training. His kickboxing and self defence skills learnt through various trainers is still put to good use providing boxing condition with Port Power and running private security contracting around Adelaide. His passion is travel and to enjoy every positive experience he can through living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Shaun Heeps

Known amongst Inspire as the 'shoe guru' Shaun has transitioned seamlessly from a manager at Joggers World to being the in demand trainer at Inspire Health & Fitness. Shaun juggles his commitments with a young family to be strength & conditioning coach at Walkerville football club, Payneham cricket club and old ignations netball club as well as leading his Inspire clients to gain the best results possible. Graduating from the ‘School of Hard Knocks’ Shaun’s goal is to run a New York Marathon.

Ben Loades

Before joining the Inspire team Ben was solely focused on his own natural body building & sculpting. Now he shares this focus with training clients to achieve strength & size gains. He is an attentive trainer with great personal and professional focus who has developed a loyal following in a short time. On weekends you'll find Ben moonlighting on the doors at some of Adelaide's hottest clubs.